New York to Paris

The recent anniversary of Charles Lindburg's  transatlantic flight from New York to Paris has prompted us to commemorate the feat.  We already had a "French Quarter" established along the trail to the Junction which featured a replica of the Eiffel Tower and a sign for the Charles de Gaulle airport along with a small airplane. We now decided to call it "Paris."  A replica of the Empire State Building turned up and we placed that across the trail from "Paris", we suddenly had the makings of "New York". A sign for the JFK /LGA airport, and another little airplane, completed the scene. 

Now the plan is to string a length of fine fishing line high up across the trail and suspend a small model of Lindburg's plane, "The Spirit of St. Louis",  from it to simulate his flight across the North Atlantic in 1927 and the hope is that we might complete this work by 2027 and thus be able to celebrate the 100th anniversary of that event. And with that job finished we have both transcontinental and transoceanic crossings covered. Next up we might try something with an interplanetary theme! 


"New York"

"Spirit of St. Louis"

With the acquisition of a new fleet of Gulfstream G800's we are pleased to announce the inauguration of our on-demand concierge service between New York and Paris. Book now!