Memorial Park

When that tree fell across the tracks I thought we were done and, before there was any plan for reconstruction, I wanted to salvage some of the more important pieces. So I brought in the Truss Bridge, the Fire Tower, and the Dock thinking to use them at home somehow. 

It turned out that I already had the perfect spot for the bridge. It fit perfectly on a bench I had in place between two trees situated in a secluded corner and close by was a rock outcrop that would happily accept the fire tower. The dock would end up on the deck in the birdbath. Over time, other pieces were added to the scene and soon we had a church under the bridge and then a Buddha statue with a 747 flying overhead, and finally another statue known as "The Lovers Kiss" placed below the tower.  

At about this time, there was a rash of unexplained sightings wherein strange objects seemed to appear out of nowhere or at least nowhere anyone could think of. It was postulated that perhaps they might be extraterrestrial in origin. They popped up in several countries and all took the form of obelisks. The mystery was soon solved when it was discovered to be the work of pranksters. I thought it was pretty funny so, not wanting to be left out, I produced my own obelisk to have in perpetuity and it sits in the middle of the park. With the addition of landscape lighting in the form of spotlights, floodlights, and path lights the presents a pretty picture after dark. 

Since fixing the tree damage and restoring the railway to operating condition I felt I had to put the bridge and tower back in place but I liked the park set-up so much that I built a new bridge and a tower to put out at the Junction. Turns out that the tree fall was not such a bad thing after all. 

Memorial Park

At night