And about those 

"Bird Houses"

There are lots of little birdhouses throughout the forest helping to mark the hiking trails. It happened that a tree with one of those birdhouses suffered a structural failure of some sort. Concerned that some might think that the birdhouse was the cause of the failure, I determined to remove all evidence.  But by the time I got around to retrieving the house, the town had come in and cut the tree down. The tree crew decided to save the birdhouse and took the trouble to excise a bit of the tree with the house attached and place it on the remaining stump like a trophy. That's how I found it when I arrived. Now it sits proudly on display amongst a birdhouse collection. The kindness of those tree cutters was incredible. 

There has been some speculation as to what species of bird might inhabit the little houses and I have posited they might actually be "pencil sharpeners"! How many times  have you been out hiking and felt the need to make note of something only to find that your pencil has broken? Well, just think how handy these little guys would be.

A new addition is the Workshop which is illuminated and shows just how all those littles birdhouses are manufactured.

The ever-increasing demand for larger and larger homes has not been ignored by birdhouse manufacturers as can be seen with the rather opulent dwelling shown. Featuring a deck and balcony, it is quite stunning. Satellite install is optional!

The birdhouse didn't do it!

Trophy on the Stump

Trophy on the Wall

Pencil Sharpener!

Working late!

Trail Marker

Opulent Birdhouse