A Theme oft Repeated

One of the most frequent comments I hear about Martini Junction is how unusual it is to find something like this that is not subject to vandalism. I’ve given some thought as to why this seems to be true and what the reasons might be. 

People will tell me that what we have done could not be replicated where they live because it would be destroyed in no time. So why doesn’t that happen here?  It certainly can’t be because the site is hidden away. It’s been recently exposed on social media and some have commented that it’s days are now numbered. The site is unprotected and it’s continued existence lies solely in the hands of those who visit.

So perhaps the whimsical nature of the little scenes as well as the fact that almost everybody likes toy trains, offers some protection. Whatever the reasons may be, it’s  nice to see that people care and if we could just put the toys back in the box I’m  sure the world would be a better place. 

This is where the toys should go!

Read the Sign please

Please don't play on the tracks

You forgot to put the toys away!