The Blue Lagoon

What started out as a simple birdbath has become the centerpiece on the deck overlooking the grounds of the Martini Junction Research Institute for Health and Science and how this happened is a long story.  So long in fact that I've broken it up into several chapters. 

The Lagoon itself is a plastic 30 gal. trash can lid and named after the famous tourist attraction in Iceland for no other reason other than its being blue. String lighting has been applied resulting in an after-dark sensation.  A lighthouse anchors one end but the light itself has become inoperative and so the lighthouse has been decommissioned and is being used as a practice site for rock climbers. 

The vintage photo shows some of the dock elements in their original location out in the forest. The little skiff has been in service since 2002.  

Blue Lagoon

Nightime Sensation

Vintage photo of the dock, circa 2014

Back in the day, the dock was originally mounted on a dam on Rainbow Creek. The little skiff is being drawn over the spillway by the current. Port security was taken very seriously even back then. 

The skiff newly launched in 2002