The Flower Vase

The flower vase that has graced the little table at Martini Junction forever has, in my eyes, become an icon of sorts, perhaps because it represents a bit of culture in an otherwise primitive setting.

The vase began life as a table lamp, somehow failed, and has been repurposed. A great deal of thought went into the mounting of the vase. I didn’t want to simply screw it down. The method of attachment needed to be more sophisticated. 

So there’s a cable and weight attached to the bottom which drops down through the table support column and acts like a big spring holding the vase in place. The squirrels get a big kick out of trying to tip it over and it just snaps back up and it's been snapping back up for almost twenty years. Entire generations of squirrels have been working on this!

As a Table Lamp

As an Icon

As an engineering marvel!

As an Artistic Impression