The story of how Martini Junction came to be began with a desire to make a trail. I've allways enjoyed the woods and living adjacent to a forest led me to think I might one day build my own. Retirement offered just the opportunity  to do that.  So I started into the forest from my back yard and just kept going.

It happened that one day as my wife and I were exploring the route we came to a small stream with an even smaller water fall and I thought it would be kind of cool to be able to sit out there and listen to the water and so I found a couple of trees that could support a bench and we were on our way.

Thinking the bench could seat four people we invited another for drinks. Well, even with a background in engineering, I misscalculated how much room four people actually took up on a bench and mine was not equal to the task. The other guy had to sit on the ground. Now that wouldn't do so I built another bench and than another until we had a kind of "U" shaped seating area and then  I added a small table  in the middle and a partial floor.

The trail work continued until both ends connected up with exsisting woods trails and over the years it's been well traveled and become a permanent part of the complex trail network within the forest. Over time we have had help from volunteers and in one case a contractor came in and finished the flooring for us.  

It must have been while sitting out there having a drink that I began to think that what we really needed now was a train. That was the seed that has since grown into the Scenic Railway  at Martini Junction and it's become the major attraction. When that conductor hollers out "All Aboard" my heart sings. A little bit of magic in the woods.  And I have to keep reminding people that "What happens in the woods stays in the woods"!  And good luck with that. 

The Contractor and his Helper