Water Wheel 


The Water Wheel

Water Wheel in action

One of the most popular displays is the Water Wheel. It's been spinning around for more than fifteen years. Visitors sometimes ask where the water come from and, if it looks like I can get away with it, I will tell them that it comes from a toilet up on Deerfield Rd.  This catches most by surprise and often shock and so, to soften the blow I explain that during the dry season I can place a call to the toilet owner and ask for a "flush". This provides enough water for a short display. And further, as often happens, we are graced with visiting foreign dignitaries, high ranking government officials, prominent business leaders, and the like, I can call my friend and request a "royal flush". This usually results in blank stares and uncomfortable body movements. But that ole wheel, she just keeps on rolling round and round.

With the newly installed Manual Pumping Facility the story line changes to a more sanitized if less colorful version!