Just kidding!


The Facebook adventure that began last October has really taken off and we have over 360 members signed up. 


Happy New Year. Sadly, the bridge did not "snap back" and we're back pretty much where we started. 


We've got another project.  A bridge I built as an arch bridge has inverted itself and we're going to try to snap it back into a proper arch. It may not be a snap but I'll keep you posted. 



Busy weekend with  another Girl Scout visit and ladies from the Cape, CT amd RI. 


Tesla Mobile did show up and the car is good to go.  The problem was with my phone mostly. It needed a new battery and software update.  Posted a  photo of the clean-up crew. 


So we had six guys come out today to clean up the toys and rebuild the mountains. Such a big help and they promised to come back next year.


The local Exchange Club is dedicating its "National Day of Service"  on 10/28 to helping seniors with little fix-up jobs so I signed up and a club member told me that they would send four guys over to help put the toys away at the Junction.  How nice is that?  


So Tesla messaged that they were rescheduling for the second time and now talking Oct. 31.  Maybe it's a "trick".  Posted a Facebook QR code at the Junction in hopes of driving some more business. Copied some of the more interesting entries in the Mailboxes to post to this site and now they will be available for the whole world to see.  Be very careful what you write in those little books! 


Got a lot done yesterday.  Dan cemented a stopper behind the waterwheel to keep it from being blown off the ledge by a deluge and also replanted one of the legacy telephone poles I had repaired. That pole is the last of a line that once ran along the trail. I never bothered to string wires on those poles and instead just referred to it as my "wireless" network.  We also replaced a couple of solar lights and did some general cleanup. And speaking of clean up, the local Exchange Club is having a "Service Day" on 10/28 and they are offering seniors help in doing little chores. I've asked for some help in putting the toys away at the Junction.  We'll see how that goes! On another note, Susan was a big help in solving my picture-posting problem on this site and it enabled me to finish a couple of new "stories". And lastly, Tesla Mobile Service is supposed to come today to fix a connectivity problem between my phone and the car as well as repair a cable harness . Over and out. 


Things that make my day.  Yesterday I found the Junction Auto used car lot really messed up with the office door off its hinges, the banner flag pulled apart and all the cars gone. Then, this morning, Dan told me that he was out there later in the day and thought he saw the flags, at least, properly displayed. We both went out and sure enough they were. Someone had come along and put things right! Dan fixed the door and I put out a nice selection of cars (see "Photos"). All is well.



During one of my follow-up appointments at the eye center, I brought along this novelty eyeball and told the lost and found lady that I picked it up in the parking lot.  She was, to my surprise, unsurprised and told me that these could be found lying around all over the place!


The Chairman is back! Things are looking good again and plans are afoot for great things to come. 


The Chairman is recovering from cornea and cataract surgery and will be with you shortly.


A new development is the introduction of QR codes that link to "Stories". The codes are mostly placed close to the story settings where applicable, but otherwise in places where they just fit.

Old News: The ongoing siting of unidentified objects continues unabated with the latest literally striking very close to home.  Staff at the Martini Junction Research Institute for Health and Science (MJRIHS) arrived Monday morning to find a strange object embedded in the campus grounds.  Eyewitness accounts indicate the object may be being used for surveillance and might be of unknown origin.  Several witnesses commented on the strange object's resemblance to the purported balloon recently cited in Arizona on Sunday over a major sporting event.   No significant property damage was sustained and no personal injuries were reported as a result of this event. The guy in the photo is just kidding.  He, along with this report is fictional.  However, the photo is real.

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Exchange Club on 10/28/23

Scout Troop 77215