Taking  two at bedtime.....

The ubiquitious Traffic Cone 

Traffic Cones

When we, at the Martini Junction Research Institute (MJRI),  started working on the Super Highway Demonstration Project, one of the major considerations was traffic flow and the possibility of congestion. The benefit of bringing multiple disciplines to bear on a problem became obvious when our health people, thinking outside the box, began considering treating traffic congestion as a medical condition rather than simply as a socio-engineering concern.

Traffic congestion, as we all know, is a condition which affects millions of people in developed and developing countries around the globe and finding a cure would be of great benefit to humankind. 

Working day and night, for an extended period, they literally performed magic when they came up with a formula for a medication which consists of proprietary compounds, secret ingredients and other stuff and since traffic congestion is associated with the ubiquitous traffic cone the decision was made to use that shape rather than the traditional packaging used for pills. They are chewable and come in a variety of exciting flavors.The unique shape also stands out on the shelves at CVS. 

Exhaustive clinical studies have shown results, that in a word or actually two words, are simply amazing. Taking two of these at bedtime has been shown to alleviate up to 87% of traffic congestion in the morning. Further more, if passengers in the vehicle have also taken the medication, there appears to be a multiplying effect and the percentages rise even more. Additionally, anecdotal evidence suggests that the medication helps with nasal congestion as well.

We’re currently in discussions with a major pharmaceutical regarding a licensing agreement pending FDA approval which we’re expecting at any moment.

This is a developing story.