Trestle Signing

People have been writing their names on railroad trestles for a long time using a variety of mediums ranging from jackknives to spray paint and lots of things in between. The trestle structure at Martini Junction is no different and it also displays the same type of artwork but because of its scale and complexity such activity could not simply be left to chance. It has therefore been necessary to control the application of signatures in order to produce a satisfactory result. 

Most of the signing took place off-site in my workshop while the trestle was still under construction, meaning that the signatures could be applied to the individual trestle bents before they were installed. People still on occasion ask how in the world could anyone get inside that thing to sign their name and of course, this is easily explained because we use a special magic powder that temporarily makes a person small enough to get in and do the job. 

We also have a commemorative bent set aside to be autographed by special visitors. These events are always accompanied by some fanfare and over time it has been graced with the names of several local television celebrities, well-known journalists, and the like many of whom may also have been the recipient of the “royal flush” as well. It sometimes seems that possibilities for absurdities are boundless here at Martini Junction. 

It's quite possible that, over time, much of this will disappear but the commemorative bent will be around for a long time to come. 

The Commemorative Trestle Bent graced with signatures.