Martini Junction

Suspend Disbelief

Mission Statement

To elicit a smile or two from grown-up visitors and provide a bit of excitement for younger folks who might accompany  them.

Who we are

The founder, Jim Metcalf, holds the honorary title of Chairman Emeritus and his good friend, Dan Callahan who is both Operations Manager and Chief Doer. We function under the supervision of a Board of Directors consisting of the above named and two additional working members:

Kate Boles runs the Strategic Planning Office and Mike Boles, Chief Engineer and Software Development Lead. 


The attractions range from bits of eye candy along the trail to major installations. The Black Oak Art Gallery would be numbered among the latter as well as of course the rather monumental  Scenic Railway.  Some of the exhibits are continually evolving.

Martini Juntion - Chairman Emeritus


Stories and Pictures 

Disclaimer: The people and events portrayed are mostly fictional. Any resemblance to persons, either living or not, is  completely accidental. The pictures however are real.

Jim and Dan (left to right) 2022